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As Early Childhood Educators, we believe that a child has some basic educational needs and at Glendale Early Learning and Child Care Centre, we strive to meet these needs:

  1. A need to grow toward independence and self reliance
  2. A need to have a sense of initiative, imagination and courage to face the situation.
  3. A need to feel a sense of accomplishment.
  4. A need to develop trust in the world and people.
  5. A need for sense of personal growth.
  6. A need for sense of closeness and belonging.
  7. A need to grow in language and cognitive skills.
  8. A need for outdoor activities.

We plan the environment so that the child will learn through play. Each child is allowed to proceed at their own development level. Staff do not expect too much of them, but at the same time, lead them to accomplish each new task as they become ready for it. Staff/child ratios allow for a great deal of individual attention and affection, so that the child will feel comfortable in their world.

If the child is given many opportunities to experience the world around them, they are prepared for academic learning when they reach the appropriate stage of development.